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Leveraging Data To Craft a More Engaging Healthcare Education Service


AIHTSagam CME Hub partnered with Perception Concepts Limited to to assist in conceptualization, financing and launching ou a novel CME virtual Hub in 2019.

Back ground

When a healthcare services provider began offering a free continuing medical education (CME) feature, it wanted to ensure it was an effective and engaging add-on. Our team took an analytical approach to help the client streamline its engagement marketing funnel and create an informative go-to platform for medical professionals to remain compliant and valuable to the people they serve.

Prioritising growth

To begin our collaboration, we performed a discovery audit to collect metrics, make observations and create a plan to better engage free and premium users. Our team used those findings to:

  • Bolster user lifecycle
    The user behaviour data from the audit spotlighted ways we could improve the client’s welcome flow, so we used those findings to introduce a full lifecycle strategy to build a more engaging experience at every point of the journey. We analysed user data (e.g., email open rates, open times, and mobile-related metrics) to look for new opportunities to improve lifecycle messaging. Then, we developed new targeting methods, messaging, and more to see which ones yielded success. We also continue to help the client transition to new marketing tools that can further personalize and optimize those lifecycle flows.
  • Personalise campaigns
    Our analysis identified that users with different activity levels interacted differently with the CME service. Based on their usage frequency and recency, activity time and day and time passed since registration, we’ve defined user segments to whom we then sent personalised, targeted messaging. By performing continuous A/B testing, we’ve further optimised our engagement efforts through implementing variables that had the highest impact on performance. The hope was to curate relevant information for individual users so they always found regular value within it.
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